I'm Yumi, a UX/UI designer dedicated to creating beautiful digital experiences through user-centered design.
In my free time, I enjoy photography and visiting exhibitions. Exploring new cafes and spending time leisurely are also some of my small hobbies.

My Key Strength 💪

✓  Experienced in startup branding and design at a large media platform company.
✓  Proficient in web, mobile, and IPTV design, with a solid understanding of development for smooth communication with developers.
✓  Skilled in various design tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Max, AutoCAD, InDesign, Figma, and XD.
✓  Demonstrated practical ability in responsive web and mobile design.
✓  Experience in managing client website production and projects.
✓  Served as a design lead within a small development team.

Hear from people related to Yumi

As the sole designer in our team, Yumi has shown her ability to lead and guide us in the right direction as our design lead. She has a strong understanding of the languages and processes of different roles and collaborates seamlessly with various team members. Despite facing diverse clients and challenges typical of an agency, her innovative ideas helped us quickly resolve issues. Yumi is always considerate of others and leads the team toward better outcomes. Her designs are vibrant and full of life.‍
💻 Developer / Onikon
I worked with her on the marketing team. Yumi has an exceptional ability to effectively communicate and persuade clients and the team with her design ideas and solutions. Despite being new to social media design, she quickly learned and adapted, contributing significantly to the creation of effective marketing materials. She is a fast learner and grows rapidly. Yumi is a delightful and top-notch colleague.
🖋️ Marketer / Panta
I was Yumi's direct supervisor. She is always conscientious and knows how to get things done by working with her teammates. Her work has always been fast, and she excelled in all design work. We all trusted Yumi and she was an integral part of our team. The time we worked with Yumi will be remembered as a happy time for us. Yumi is a designer who brings joy to everyone.
🎨 Design Manager / Kt alpha
I am Isabella, a client of designer Yumi. It was my first time creating a personal website, but she quickly understood my business and helped me grasp the website development process, providing expert advice. Thanks to her, my business website has been effectively promoted. She understands clients' needs and combines her professional knowledge to offer valuable assistance. Yumi is the best designer one could ask for.
👩 Client