Real Estate Management System
The Real Estate Management System is a web/app that allows real estate agents to manage their property listings.
Each website displays the brand color information of the realtors as the primary color, providing a personalized website experience for each realtor
Timeline :  A Year
Role : UX Research, Interviewing, Design
Deliverables :  White/Dark theme Web/Mobile
Tool Used :  Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator
Target User
Market Research
There were various services related to the real estate industry, but I focused more intensively on two companies. The reasons for my attention are as follows :
Rela leverages client resources to provide marketing content of a more professional quality. I found myself drawn to Rela because of the diverse styles and functionalities offered in their themes, allowing me to contemplate how modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing elements could be incorporated.
Rew provides a variety of home search options including MLS Listings, New Homes, Rentals, and Real Estate Agents. It helped me recognize additional information that could be beneficial to prospective homebuyers beyond just property listings.
Netflix displays relevant information text at the top when the content is playing in the background. Through user interviews and market research related to our user interface service, we discovered that users prioritize immediate property information and property videos. Recognizing that users want this information prioritized at the top, we thought about incorporating Netflix's UI into our service.
Legacy Design
- Fragmentation of information makes it difficult for users to quickly find the information they need.
- Real estate agents desire their information to be visually appealing.
- Our company needs to explore methods to increase service sales.
- Develop user-friendly microsites that prioritize information based on user needs, presenting it on a single page.
- Enhance the user interface visually and consistently by utilizing the client's brand colors.
- Improve user experience to drive traffic, increase home purchase rates, and expect revenue growth through organic service promotion.
Main Features
We assist realtors aiming to sell homes by increasing user traffic through visually and functionally appealing websites, successfully guiding them to contact. For prospective homebuyers, we provide a website browsing experience that allows them to achieve their goals in a short time.
📋  Design Challenges 1
Which type of website design is more effective for viewers to obtain the information they want?
1. Dashboard Design
Pros : All information is displayed on a single screen, so users don’t need to search through various sections.
Cons : Showing listings within the fixed vertical height of the site can be monotonous. It might be an unfamiliar experience for most users who are used to viewing listing information in a traditional web format.
Considerations : If content layout is not efficient, users may find it difficult to locate the information they want. (Existing issue)
2. Website Design
Pros : Can create a web format that closely aligns with client expectations.
Cons : A web design without fixed vertical height requires careful consideration of information placement.
Considerations : To combine the advantages of both dashboard and website designs, the website layout must prioritize and appropriately arrange the information users seek.
📌 Solution and Conclusion
Choose a website design format where information about listings is prioritized and clearly displayed.
📋  Design Challenges 2
How can users obtain clearer information about listings?
The client’s name, realty, and listing address vary greatly in text length, which was a major consideration in designing the system. Therefore, I considered placing the property's information in the background area. Here are the three formats I considered :
1. Left Menu
Pros : Offers a distinctive web experience with a common dashboard-style menu.
Cons : Requires careful placement of diverse information, and text length may be unsuitable.
2. Navigation Menu 
Pros : Provides a familiar web experience for users.
Cons : Placement can be conventional and unoriginal.
3. Background Area Text Placement
Pros : Information about the client and listings can be clearly conveyed and displayed uniquely.
Cons : Must consider balance with additional content (background videos, photos, etc.).
📌 Solution and Conclusion
I adopted the background area text placement approach, which imposes no restrictions on text length. My idea was inspired by directly applying Netflix's UI to our service.
📋 Design Challenges 3
How Can We Simplify the User's Property Buying Journey?
In the existing dashboard design, users can only attempt to contact a realtor via the context menu. However, this process needed an improvement to directly influence the user's decision to view a property.
Issues with the previous Dashboard Design
To access contact information, users have to click through multiple tab menus, which makes it difficult to reach the desired contact details. Additionally, the contact information was not directly linked to scheduling a property tour.
Improvement Direction
Users who are interested in a property should be able to immediately connect with the schedule tour functionality.
- Buttons placed among various pieces of information must be easily noticeable to the user without disrupting the overall structure.
- Forms requiring user input on the website should be simple and ask for minimal essential information.
📌 Solution and Conclusion
I added a "Schedule Tour" button accessible directly from the main screen, allowing users to connect to scheduling a tour immediately. The form for scheduling a tour was designed to focus on collecting the least amount of necessary information, ensuring that users can complete the details conveniently.
Design Thinking
Final Design
My role
During the creation of this website, I had to understand what information all realtors wanted to showcase to prospective homebuyers. Similarly, I needed to understand what information homebuyers wanted to prioritize. Additionally, considerations for our company's core services and marketing promotions were crucial. Through research and user interviews, I identified problems and reorganized all information. From wireframes and prototypes to the final design, I completed the creation of the real estate property information web/app, which is currently being used in our company's services after redesigning from the existing design.
Reflection 💡
Understanding the service from various perspectives such as clients, users, and service providers to create a reasonable single property site was challenging yet rewarding. Particularly, this project required a significant scope of work to customize for individual users with white, dark, and mobile versions. However, the value of corporate growth and customer satisfaction brought about by service improvement made this experience as a designer truly fulfilling.
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